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about us


My name is Claire and I made this blog so I can share an insight to all the places i get to visit and products I review for companies big and small.  Here you will find open, honest opinions on everything in my life. You will see product reviews with both pros and cons (where there is them) and also an insight to places and other lifestyle opportunities I get to do for various companies.  I do share affiliate links within my posts and also links to company websites for you to visit.

This site is built not just for me to show you an insight into my life but also to allow you to make informed decisions for yourself. I love to hear any thoughts on my posts too.

I have in the past worked with companies such as Tesco, Calpol, and have several more to come.

As a blogger I have been blogging for 2 years but only just took it to a whole new level of making it my life. I did this after been told my health would not allow me a full time job. It broke my heart and as a single mum i couldn’t help but feel helpless. I then decided I was going to make my blog my life once and for all. If I cant go to a job I will make a job for myself and so here I am.


  • Product reviews
  • Ambassadorship
  • Launch events
  • Awareness posts

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