TIANA- Hatichimals collEGGtibles launch

meet and greet

Some may know who she is (mainly the kids) others will have no clue who she is, Tiana from toys and me. She has over 4 million YouTube subscribers and is living every child’s dream reviewing the latest toys and going to events to launch toys in toy stores.

On Monday 1st May my son and I got the opportunity to meet the girl herself and her family too. After being invited to the launch event of the new Hatchimals CollEGGtibles we couldn’t say no. Like many children my son will happily sit and watch hours of her YouTube videos.

meet and greet

Tiana is a beautiful young girl who has a love of showing off toys on her YouTube channel. Meeting her at The Bullring in Birmingham was such a privilege. She was there to give all ticket holders a sample Hatchimal CollEGGtible which my son was dead chuffed about.


so what is the hatchimal CollEGGtibles all about?

As many of you know hatchimals have now got huge and I can see the CollEGGtibles will be just as huge if not more wanted. They are priced at £10  for 4 eggs and 1 bonus animal and with over 100 to collect it is fun and entertaining for all ages. The little egg is about 1 inch tall and has a hidden CollEGGtible animal inside. What is magical about this is the fact you could get anything from common winged animal to a special limited edition one.

meet & greet

Each Hatchimal CollEGGtible has coloured glittered wings to tell you how rare/common it is. They are super cute and great fun to try and break the plastic shell. Once inside you will be able to reveal the animal, rarity and which of the 11 places it lives in. My son is now in love with these and so here comes our collection. Want yours click the link below and get them whilst stocks last.



4 pack + bonus animal £9.99
2 pack with nest £18.99
blind bag 1 egg £12.99



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