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We all want to keep our little ones safe and protected in life. Well Johnson’s baby care range want to do the same.

When asked if I would review their 3 in 1 nappy cream I thought Oh yes! At the moment I have a 2-year-old that is potty training at night-time. We have conquered the day time now, so night-time is our biggest hurdle yet.

On arrival I thought amazing this is in a nice, simple, compact design. It is ideal to place in my handbag when out and about as well as use in the home. It smell is beautiful and very little is needed in order to really cover your child’s rash area.

I did find it took a while to seep into the skin but for it lasting effect I was super impressed. After just 3 applications I found that the rash had disappeared and as long as I keep using once a day it has not returned. My son is so much happier without sore rash from wetting the bed at night.

You all thinking probably why don’t I wake him in the night for the toilet? I don’t simply because I have always found he will do things naturally when he is ready. Like potty training in the day took 2 weeks till he was totally dry all the time.


why is it 3 in 1?

To me it is 1 million in one use product. It is designed to soothe, protect and repair the skin from nappy rash. I found it can be used for so much more. My son was running in garden and fell over on path (he was fine no tears just a baddy) and he grazed his knee. First thing I had to hand was the nappy cream so on a tiny bit went after we had cleaned it up. In the evening I checked it to see how it looked, I was amazed. The graze didn’t look fierce or red in any way usually redness lasts a while but no it looked like it was already healing. Within 2 days the graze was all but healed and had disappeared.

I have provided a link below so you can get yours.



The product was given to me for free in exchange for my honest and open opinion. Affiliate link is being used in this content.

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