goth girl book review

goth girl book

Reading to kids is not only joyful to do but also helps them learn to recognize letters and words better at any age.

I was asked to review a great book aimed at 7-11 year old girls and my step-daughter loved it. Goth girl and the ghost of a mouse book is a very gripping books for kids from the beginning. The book is attractively set out and easy to follow. With pictures with great depth and well drawn placed throughout the book to break it up and stop kids getting bored.

goth girl book

what is the book about?

Well I am not one to spoil the whole book to you but I will let you in on the outline. The book is about a lovely little girl called Ada Goth who lives with her father in the sprawling Gastly-Gorm Hall. She spends the majority of her time alone. Her father is forever avoiding her as she reminds him of his deceased wife. So much so that she must wear big plodding boots around the house so that he can hear her approaching. He limits his time with her to once a week for tea.

This is a heart-breaking thought that this actually happens and you do end up connecting and feeling sorry for the poor child.

One night Ada meets the ghost of a mouse called Ishmael. He was caught in a mouse trap and now fears he will spend eternity floating around Ghastly Ghorm Hall. Something is keeping him from moving on but he can’t remember what. Ada is determined to help him.

Why this book?

Well as I said This is a book of pure depth and every gripping story-line. The illustrations in the book are of depth and extreme detail. My step-daughter and myself have both had trouble putting the book down. We can’t help but keep reading and when you want to stop you just feel the need to pick it back up to see what happens next.

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For £3.99 for a paperback version it is worth every penny. It is a great book and aimed at girls aimed 7-11 years.

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