celeb white teeth really?

instawhite teeth kit

Who wouldn’t want celeb white teeth? Bet your thinking that costs a bomb to get that. Well I let you in on a secret it don’t have to cost you hundreds.

Instawhites  why them?

Well if I am honest I was skeptical at first i thought I don’t know. I have tried teeth whitening kits loads before but just never liked them. Then Instawhites asked me to review their teeth whitening swab kit. I thought let’s try no harm in trying it. I was well beyond amazed. They offered an easy to use swab and set of instructions. Even after one use the results were visible.


What is in the kit and how to use?

In the kit you get 1 carry case with the 7 day swabs pre-filled with teeth whitening gel. Each swab is securely placed in the case and easy to get out each day.

How do I use them? well this is the simplest and least fiddly teeth whitening kit I have seen on the market and am dead impressed with it. All you need to do is take one swab each day press down till gel is seeping out the swab. Then you apply in a circular motion and don’t be afraid to apply a bit of pressure for 5 minutes on all teeth. Rinse mouth out with warm water to get rid of excess plaque from teeth. Don’t eat for 30 minutes to allow any excess gel on teeth to be absorbed. Simple.  No nasty peroxide taste and mouth is left feeling fresh and clean.


Would I use again?

I am impressed so much so with this that I can not carry on using it. Even my partner loved the results so went and got himself some too. After just one application my teeth looked whiter and nicer and within a few days every time I smiled people said wow what do you use your teeth look lovely? I told them what I used and where to get. By the end of the 7 day trial my teeth did actually seem a lot whiter and I loved to smile and show off my teeth once again.



Well you don’t have to go far in fact all you need to do is click the buy now link below. They are costly in a way but,well worth the money for the amazing results you get in such a short period of time. At £30 for a week I will happily share the love for them and say try it for yourself you will be amazed as much as I am.


buy yours here


instawhite teeth kit   instawhite teeth kit

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