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More and more people are living lives on fast forward and I am no exception. I am a full-time mum to a 2-year-old toddler as well as being a blogger. Would you let someone take over your online weekly shop?

My day starts at 6AM in the morning and doesn’t end till midnight sometimes. Many times have I just got so much to do with work then on top I have my everyday cleaning to do. So where is my time to shop? It is squeezed in where I can find time if i am honest.

Then a fantastic company came along and asked me to review the process of allowing someone else (a personal shopper) online to do all my shopping and meal planning for me and my son each week for a month. Well with my busy schedule I couldn’t say no. Also I am the worst shopper going. I forever spend more than I want to and forget something. Tinkerdash are doing it all for me that is 2 hours free for my to do better things.


Tinkerdash are an online personal shopping company who will take as much, or as little control over your weekly grocery shop as you want. Their main source of contact is through Facebook messenger as it is where we all spend so much time these days.

  1. They draw up a meal plan for you based on the amount meals you want each week. For me I had 7 evening meals because my son and I not big lunch fans we prefer a huge meal at tea time.
  2. Using Facebook messenger they then message you to let you know what they planned for you. This is a great time to see what exciting things they have chosen and make any adjustments if something don’t want to do.
  3. Your Tinkerdash assistant then compiles and sends you over the shopping list of ingredients. I found this handy cos you can see what you are getting for your money.
  4. They then ask for your online shopping account login details add all shopping list to the basket and either you place the order or they can for you. It doesn’t matter which because they have no access to your card details.
  5. Order placed you will then get confirmation to your email account to tell you when your order will be delivered.

Well the fact as a person who is constantly on the go and was forever trying to squeeze 2 hours in. Yes 2 hours to decide what we were having for the week and also get it ordered. Then still end up forgetting something and having to go shop and get it. Tinkerdash are there and taking all this stress off busy people everyday. I feel for the right price this is a fantastic service. Keep tuned for next weeks round-up as I talk about what meals we have cooked and how well the first service was.

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