Tinkerdash review- start week 2

tinkerdash review

As busy as we all are everyday and now technology advancing so much, social media is the point of call for shopping. Yes you heard right companies just like Tinkerdash are taking advantage of 2 things

  1. our every busy lifestyles and the need for convinenece
  2.  The social media as a point of contact with customers

As you all know I am now at the end of my first week and starting week 2 of my personal online shopper experience. I have fallen in love with this company and am looking forward to using it hopefully on a permanent basis.



Well as a reviewer I felt I could not go all out and let the company provide all my recipes and meals and arrange delivery for me. I have been surprised with what menus i have been offered. They are all super healthy, fast to prepare and cook and designed around my likes and dislikes. I could never fault this company in any way for the amount of customer orientation they have when choosing meals on each individual basis. I have been lucky as I have been experiencing food that I would never think of cooking myself. Below you will see the menu we had in week 1 and all took under 35 minutes to prepare and cook.

  1. squash and coconut curry (tasty but not something I would jump at having most weeks)
  2. stuffed mascarpone chicken with boiled potatoes and green beans (was so good but need less filling in next time)
  3. spicy sausage and bean one pot (this was so amazing and had leftovers between me and my partner the next day)
  4. smokey bacon and tomato spaghetti (had so much leftover froze it)
  5. egg-fried cauliflower rice with sweet chilli drizzle and prawn cracker crumble (by far this was my favourite there was enough easily for 4 people here but between my son and I we ate the lot.)
  6. lentil and sweet potato curry (was different and tons frozen as leftover)
  7. tuna sweet potato jackets (extremely filling for one potato)

Well not only have I been able to take on and do a bit more work due to the amount of time I have saved, but also I am loads healthier. How you are wondering,can one week change my health? Well see below how Ttinkerdash.com have really helped me and my son in so many ways.

They probably didn’t intend to drastically change my life the way they have but here is how they have:

  • I sleep better due to the healthier diet
  • Able to cut out the need for snacking between meals
  • Allowed me to take on more work due to time saved from not shopping
  • My son and I have been able to eat healthier yet the food is fast to prep and cook
  • We are feeling more energetic during the day

Well so week 1 is over now and in week 2 you can expect loads more fab recipe photos across my social media accounts. Also you will see next week the meals I had this week along with a round-up of Tinkerdash personal online shopping experience.


Well sorry to say as this is at the moment in a trialing period they are not taking on customers yet. They are however taking on alert notifications for when they begin very soon .Use the link below and sign up so you can be the first to know when they are taking on customers.
tinkerdash sign up here
see part 1 of my review below:

would you let someone else do your shopping? (week 1)

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