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Now coming into week 3 of my Tinkerdash review and you all wondering what else can I talk about for them? Well you be surprised. This week I want to talk all about the meals that I have had this week. With my ever busier life this company has become my lifeline.


Well they are doing my shopping and with review requests from various companies, coming in all the time and being a full time mum to a toddler, i am non stop. I have got a point where I realised if it wasn’t for Tinkerdash I would be possibly eating foods that are convinient. That is not what I like the thought of.

So what have we had this week:

sausages with oregano and mushrooms (skipped the olives haha)

Well this took just 20 minutes from preparation to serving. My son and I loved it so much and couldn’t get enough so we ate the lot. All the recipes are meant for 2 people this would easily feed 3 if not 4. When served with mash it turned out to be dead filling, quick and healthy too.

tinkerdash review

Creamy pasta with asparagus and peas

At first I was thinking ummm creamy how creamy will it be? I was nicely surprised as the food was tasty and prevented snacks later in the evening. Which I do alot of. When it came to the creaminess i found it wasn’t too creamy yet was enough to be like a covering not a sauce.

tinkerdash review

Salmon with spinach and tartare sauce (didn’t add tartare sauce as didn’t like the taste.)

This was a highlight of the week or so I thought it would be. My son and I love salmon it is our favourite fish. When I saw this i got excited. I never tried spinach before yes my diet had never been really healthy till now. My son and I loved this and was cooked and served with boiled potatoes in just 20 minutes. I made the tartare sauce but didn’t like the taste so went in bin haha.

tinkerdash review

Versatile vegetable soup

I was so impressed with myself on this as I have always bought shop soup and didn’t realise how easy it was to make. We did accidently make possibly enough for my whole street but still only took 20 minutes to prepare and serve. My elderly neighbour was so grateful to be given enough soup for a week and we still had about 3 servings ourselves left over.

tinkerdash review

creamy pea and chive risotto

Now seen I have never tried risotto I was dead surprised at what was in it and how easy to cook. This meal is great and so filling. My son tried it but wasn’t too keen till the next day when it was reheated and had his crusty bread. There was a serving left and has gone in fridge for lunch in the week.

tinkerdash review

Prawn curry in a hurry

When I said earlier I thought I had found my favourite meal up this popped in my menu list. I know usually you make a curry add a jar of sauce to it done. Well I learnt just 2 tablespoons of the sauce with the oil from the jar is a way better way.The flavours are more intense and you feel it a proper meal not all sauce like normal. As you guessed this ended up being my favourite meal by far so far.

tinkerdash review

Spicy tomato baked eggs

Now I thought ok this is different and it was. It was different yet like a lazy comfort meal. After a busy day this was a great meal and we had it with some fresh bread. We had about 2 servings left enough to freeze and use another day. Yes you can freeze and recook this but only has a short 1 month freezer life.

tinkerdash review

As you see we get a nice variation between meat and non meat meals. Yet on this type of diet I am finding myself more energetic all day and generally loads more healthier. As the saying goes it takes 21 days to make a habit well I am sure I am going to keep going with this company and the lifestyle change they have offered me.




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