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Imagine this.

Close your eyes.

You are walking up to the door of your home with a friend and you dread opening the door. Usually what greets you is the smell of last nights cooking. Today is different you have just bought a very luxurious natural reed diffuser off Pairfum. What greets you is the sweet smell of vanilla and masking last nights cooking smells in a natural way. It gives you the feeling of a warm luxurious home that is looked after and inviting to all.


Now open your eyes.

This can be a reality I am living proof of this. After being asked by Pairfum company to review one of their large luxury bell reed diffuser, I couldn’t say no. So how does it really perform in reality?


Pairfum strive to look and be the best for their customers. The bell diffuser is beautifully packaged in a simple yet luxurious box. Inside you get a large bell diffuser filled with enough scent to last 6-9 months and 10 reeds that diffuse the scent throughout your home. This is a product of pure luxury and elegance.




Well to give you an idea of it power I get several visitors from my partner to everyday clients coming to my home, and I also got many comments. I got my partner trying to ask for it for his house and clients asking where to get one for themselves. Everyone that comes seems to comment on its size and subtle smell. It has a sweet vanilla smell and unlike many other brands I have tried (and I have tried a few in my time), this offers a subtle and not strong over-powering smell. This is certainly making it better than other brands i have used in the past.

Every-time I open my door now it hits me a sweet scent that seems to never end. I can not tell you if it truly will last the full 9 months but in 9 months I will be able to.


Well not only is the product bigger and more subtle than other brands, but it is Eco-friendly. Yes Eco-friendly. The reed diffuser uses a specialist liquid meaning it won’t deplete into the ozone layer. Making them unique in this way because normal reed diffuser we buy everyday don’t meet these requirements yet so are harming our world. Pairfum make their products as recyclable as possible too. They offer elegance, luxury and world friendly products adding the healthiest of products to your inside world.


Well it is a large product measuring in at 10cm diameter and 10cm tall before you add the reeds. I am so in love with product and it elegant feel it is leaving in my home. Scent to me is so important as strong scents end up giving people migraines but this is not strong and smells so natural yet so expensive. I have provided a link below to get yours or see the other products they do. Yes I have ordered myself a second one as I think this company is amazing. They meet all my luxury needs for a nice smelling home that is inviting and fresh once again.
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