beauty box review

#lfbeautybox review

Well I have not got a new addiction and possibly is not a healthy one haha. I have become in love with beauty and fashion which in turn is ending up expensive but it offers me a feel good factor. This led me to sign up and get a monthly subscription box from just £13 a month off look fantastic. You pay £13 a month for over £50 worth of the latest beauty products and 2 magazines each month. I will be reviewing my boxes every month right here.


In this months beauty box i got 2 magazines and 7 products. Each month has a different theme and so makes it exciting when it comes in the post. This month was all about stripping back to natural look.

  • THIS WORKS perfect legs skin miracle
  • CAVIAR CC CREAM 10 in 1 leave in hair perfector
  • MADARA  fine line minimising cream
  • OMOROVICZA  cleansing foam
  • LAURA GELLER balance and brighten foundation
  • VITAMASQUES  firming lifting mask
  • hand sanitizer


  • This Works skin miracle is not just for the legs but any uneven skin tones you have on your body. It is a fair coloured cream and was if i am honest bit skeptical as it seemed dark for my skin. Yet on application it seemed to blend in well for my skin and make my stretch makes less visible in just 3 days.

#lfbeautybox review

  • Caviar cc cream hair protector is amazing. I love products that make my hair feel soft, shiny and feeling sexy. This does just that after washing hair and applied on towel dried damp hair leaves hair blissful. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who not just loves hair products like me but also suffers with dry lifeless hair.

#lfbeautybox review

  • Madara fine line minimiser smells amazing a nice subtle citrus smell. On applying to the face you feel it really seeping into the skin and evening it out. It leaves your skin soft and feeling rejuvenated. I use this on a daily basis not cos my skin is looking really aged but because i want to keep on top of the aging process before I get to a point of non reversal.#lfbeautybox review
  • Omorovicza cleansing foam is not really something I have a strong love for.this product. I found I needed a lot of it in order to feel like it is really do anything. It couldn’t get it to lather much and was a bit disappointed by it. It is the only product that looked good, cost a fair price yet didn’t meet my love needs.

#lfbeautybox review

  • Laura Geller balance and brighten foundation is so beautiful. It has a beautiful sweet vanilla scent and a handy mirror inside. This product is a great handbag product it can be used anywhere anytime. The foundation offers a nice glow to the skin unlike most foundations that look dull and powdery.


  • Vitaminsques pomegranate firming lifting face mask is amazing. It is a face mask that I have never used before. The mask is a cloth on the shape of a face with eyes and mouth area exposed. The mask is covered in a gel that on application makes the face feel like it is all sticky for a while but in time tightens up. After 20 minutes of use you just take off bin and pat in remaining gel on skin and allow to dry naturally. I really enjoyed using this and made my face feel like it was tightened and feeling younger.

#lfbeautybox review

  • lastly was a lovely mini hand sanitiser by merci handy (thank-you handy). It smells not like most antibacterial hand gels it offers a lasting floral scent and doesn’t leave hands all sticky or smelling like alcohol sanitizer. Really useful out and about with a toddler.

Right here you can get your own
look fantastic
Each month is packed of surprise topic. No one except the company know the topic till it reaches your doorstep. Mine arrived fast and by courier and I am so looking forward to next months too.

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