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wikaniko moringa oil

Everyone wants to look their best. I am no different as I approach 30 I am starting to look at myself and know I need to take more care of skin now.  But is Moringa oil truly the best anti-aging product?

After being approached by Wikaniko LTD to review what is said to be one of the worlds best anti-aging products on the market, I was intrigued. It is so popular you will find most brands will use it in their cosmetics. It is great for all kinds of problems from spots and blemishes to lines and dry skin. Not just that but it can be used for cooking but as alot is needed it is an expensive way to cook.

On arrival the moringa oil was packaged in a standard pump action bottle so this means it easy to get a desired amount out. It was simply labeled and is organically grown so can’t get any more natural than that.


wikaniko moringa oil

I tried on myself and have been using 2x a day for past week nearly now and have noticed my skin is considerably smoother and feels ultimately more hydrated. My son has suffered with dry skin on and off since he has been born so, we tried it on him and within just 48 hours his skin had cleared of blotchy dry patches. It had not only helped me but is safe enough to use on children too. This has meant he is not drying out now so much after bathes.

The scent is of cinnamon type smell and can really last on skin for a while but disappears once seeped into the skin. It is a product that makes you feel more beautiful. Skin feels hydrated and renewed, which is what we all want to be feeling as we age.

As you see now this product is a product that can be used for all ages from babies to the elderly and all in between.

This then made me think if it can be used on the skin and cooking how does it make my food taste? So here it is:


You need a fair amount to cook with but i just had to try it out. I made myself a paella with prawns for my lunch. The taste was amazing it really seeps in and brings all the flavours to the surface. I understand why it is not often used in cooking as you need so much to cook a simple meal. At £16.95 for small amount it soon adds up.

moringa oil


All in all I love this product but unfortunately due to price won’t be using it in my cooking so much.  Below I added a link for all to get it. What’s more if you type in a special readers code MOR10 at the checkout using link below. This is valid until march 31st you will get a great 10% off the product.


What is your biggest beauty problem right now?

have you tried Moringa oil before? what do you think of it?


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