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With everyday products and life battering away at our natural moisturisers,  how do we keep skin health and as natural as possible?

Well I am a lover of products that offer a good smell and a long-lasting protection. After being asked by pure potions to review three of their products I thought ok we see. Well I will give you a break down of the in and outs of the following products:

  • pure potions chamomile baby oil
  • pure potions intensive moisturising ointment
  • lastly the lemon myrtle deodorant

I was pleasantly surprised how all these worked in different ways but did fulfill my love for the brand. I have never heard of pure potions before and was intrigued. They come across as a natural and ethical company offering the customer something that we have in the everyday world.

First up:

pure potions


First up is the really nice smelling chamomile baby oil. It is said to offer a gentle oil that can be used in replacement of baby bath oils , cleansing on soft baby bums and even as a massage oil. Well you all know me I wasn’t going to try in just one area. I tried all 3 and i love it.

My son suffers from dry skin so this was great to try on him. After adding to the bath the scent of the chamomile was amazing and we only used a small amount too. It certainly aided my son to have a very restful sleep that night.

When used as a nappy oil in replacement to everyday baby wipes it was too a great product. It felt better for me as a mum to be putting natural products on him rather than water or chemical based wipes. Yes they are far more convenient then this oil. Yet for the first time since we started potty training his nappy rash had disappeared in a matter of days and as long as i use this product I am finding it not returned.

Ok last use for it was as a massage oil. Yes i still massage my 2-year-old sons legs and body most nights. I found this ok left a tad bit greasy feel for a bit on the skin, but it soon soaked in. As many mums know massaging a small child really can help with sleep at night. I am in love with this product and wished I had found it sooner. The only downside I found was it did feel bit greasy on skin for a while as it soaked in.


Next up:

pure potions


Well next up is the intensive moisturising ointment. On opening I really did not like the smell at all. This was when my skeptic feeling started creeping in then. The colour didn’t look too appealing either, but i was in for a shock.

The saying goes the most unappealing items are usually the best for us. Well look here this is one those moments. The ointment was nothing as I expected and blew me away for sure. It was easy to apply and is great on dried out skin. I am a sufferer of really dried out elbows and wow i thought I apply to one elbow and use normal moiturising on the other. As you can see below the pure potions intensive moistriser really did help nourish my skin. It helped clear up the dried out look in just 4 days. I was amazed.

pure potions pure potions

For a product that looked and smelt unappealing I really got a shock. It is a now turning into a product that I will not live without.


pure potions

roll on deodorant buy it here

Last up is the lemon myrtle deodorant and this is my favourite. Of all the three products this is the best. If like me and on go all the time you will sweat a lot. Well not many products can offer an all day sweat free day. This is one that can. It lemon and myrtle smell is not too strong and it is easy to apply to the skin. Due to its compact size it means you can take it anywhere and be sweat free and smelling fresh all day long.

It comes as a roll on and is simply packaged yet in a compact and easy travel size. Perfect handbag buddy. This is great for all gym goers and anyone who sweats a lot in a day.

Final results:

My final and lasting opinion is that pure potions live up to their name. They come across a company who can offer you the purest of potions for your skin. It is kind and 100% natural what more can we want. So even when everyday life is battering you this company is looking after your skin.

I have supplied links throughout the post for you to get the products yourself.






I was given these products in exchange for my honest and open opinion. Which you will always get from me.Affiliate links have been used within the post.

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