my sad end to tinkerdash review

tinkerdash end

As now I am at the end of my Tinkerdash review (yes I am sad about it) I want to go over all my loves I have for the company.

This company surprised me in so many ways. I will give you an insight to me and my life so you will see why I am so sad to be ending my review. It is not forever but just one month whilst I am away with my son.


My life before I started my review was totally different to how it is now. Firstly I was reviewing for companies 2 x a week. We were eating what I now call convenience meals (e.g sausage mash peas, pie and chips, curry you put in oven and so on). We were wasting 2-3 hours a week preparing, listing and sorting meals and all before the shopping took place. I was forever missing something off my list and top-up shops in the week were normal. All in all life was chaotic and unhealthy.

tinkerdash end


Well now my life is on the other end of the spectrum. I am reviewing for companies 3+ times a week. My son and I are eating freshly prepared meals every night. We are having more time to be spending as mother and son away from work. Lastly shopping is taking well, 5 minutes all I have to do is check out and wait for the delivery on delivery day.


Well this is where Tinkerdash surprised me most. They taught me a lesson they didn’t even intend to do. A lesson that will surprise you too. They taught me how diet affects our bodies and lifestyle.  It was amazing from just a few meals they sent me how we had so many benefits from a great diet. Here are our benefits from Tinkerdash doing our meals every week:

  1. so much more energy
  2. no sugar spikes where we are energetic then tired the next
  3. meals all took less than 30 minutes to prepare and cook
  4. slept better at night (especially my son who started sleeping full 6 hours before waking)
  5. more time for us
  6. able to take on more work
  7. less stress
  8. spent less
  9. ate healthier
  10. fought off illness in days rather than it taking hold for weeks.

tinkerdash end


If like me you want to keep gaining from these fabulous benefits you can sign up here and when they are taking on customers and you will be first to know. they will do all your meals, inbox you them, put shopping in basket at dedicated online shopping retailer and then even check out and arrange delivery.

sign me up here

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What is your biggest shopping problem at the moment?

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