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If like me ,you love your hair to look and smell it’s best all the time. Getting deeply nourished hair can sometimes be hard. Unfortunately getting that perfect hair feeling can be hard without spending possibly a days wages.

Well this year I have been asked to be part of the readers testing panel for the hair awards 2017. This is super exciting. I suffer badly with dried out straw feeling hair and nothing really keeps it moisturized for very long. Well here I have got to test out several products and I want to share with you my best and worst products.  I tell you what on my hot and not list this year and why.


HOT- Sexy Hair mango and aloe vera colour safe strengthening shampoo and conditioner. This has to be number one. It offers a great smell and stays there all night, nice thick consistency and easy to apply to the hair. You don’t need a lot to make it lather up well which means this would last a long time.    

hot sexy hair

NOT – Palmer’s olive oil formula just has to go on my not list. Ok leaving in the conditioner for 5 minutes does seem to make the hair feel super soft. Yet both the shampoo and conditioner leave the hair smelling like black castor oil not a great smell. Also it is just too watery even after giving it a thorough shake and my son dropping it down a flight of stairs (laughing). Unfortunately it goes on the not list.

not hair awards 2017


HOT- Charles Worthington’s moisture seal leave in conditioner just had to come first. It does exactly what it states on the packaging. It instantly left hair smooth and deeply nourished and as a bonus it lasted all day. This is by far the best product I have used from all the products I got to try out.

charles worthington leave in conditioner buy it here
leave in conditioner


NOT- As beautiful as the packaging was, I was sadly disappointed with the easilocks leave in conditioner spray. It not only had no directions of use but just didn’t cut it for me. My hair didn’t feel nourished for long before it was back to feeling dried out and straw like again.  Ultimately there was no place for it except the not list.

EASILOCKS conditioner buy it here


HOT-  Number one was hard it came between Milk_shake argan glistening oil and Alchemy grapefruit hair remedy. As close as it was Alchemy grapefruit hair remedy just got to number one. It offers the most amazing smell for ages and really made hair feel deeply nourished all night long. At last may have found a solution to an all day nourished hair feeling.

hot hair award 2017

NOT- Sorry but on my not list is going Superdrugs own hair therapy oil with argan. Does initially leave hair feeling silky smooth but only after using a lot on my hair to get it that way. Unfortunately it only lasted half a day and then my hair went back to dried out feeling again. For that reason it had to go on my not list.


not hair awards 2017

My findings:

I wanted to not only see what actually worked for my hair and what didn’t, but to see difference between price brackets. What a finding I did find too. I found you do certainly pay the price for great quality 9 times out of 10. My best find is the fact expensive stuff is far too much about look and cheap ranges are all about smelling good. What  I found is the best brands that I loved most were all mid range price.

I have certainly learnt a lot about hair products by doing this testing. I loved doing it and sharing photos and thoughts on all the products as i used them across my social media sites.



affiliate links are used within this post. Also these products were given to me in exchange for my views on them.

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