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Our feet take the weight of the world on them and so blisters and calluses are inevitable. Yet has Superdrug just solved an age-old problem for once?

Many times we get new shoes and think i just break them in (or not) and end up with a blister which can be super painful. Yet if like me I have lack of sensation in my feet so a blister can mean weeks of hospital visits.

I have been trying out Superdrug’s new comfort foot care range and I actually found them really beneficial to me. After a week of use now I have found they have really helped with my aching feet and also preventing blisters occurring in my new heels. They would be great for people who are on their feet all day or do a lot of standing up. superdrug footcare


The packaging they have used it is typical Superdrug colours. Yet it is done in a way to look premium and simple at the same time. I love the way the boxes are made so they just tab together and are easy to open and can be taken in your bag. Here goes lets look at the insoles and the sore spots i have been using all week now.


The insoles are not as I expected for sure on opening i was expecting the same as most companies have a simple foot shape foam pad. No Superdrug is different and made the foam pad to target the middle of the foot, heels and toe area where the most pressure occurs. This has meant not only is there no wasted padding but also it allows them to offer a higher standard foam. It has also meant they have used the best padding in order to repel moisture and odour which means no friction no blisters or calluses.

superdrug footcare
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Would I buy:

Yes I would! As someone who suffers with aching feet all the time and calluses and blisters are normal, I would buy. There is no doubt these do the job my feet have not ached in a whole week now and for that reason I am looking at getting a pair for my other boots.



These are ace for those of you who have new shoes or suffer bad with blisters on the side of foot or toe. They are simple to apply and are made to a perfect blister sized area. I tried these out on my new shoes and I loved them. Instead of worrying about how long to wear or not before I ended up with a blister, I just wore my boots. I added the sticky backed padding in the area that I find is blister prone and then off I went.

Usually within half an hour that it I got one those dreaded blisters. That then always means for me going hospital to get it dressed to prevent infection. I was so skeptical with these as I never found anything that never stopped a blister forming in such a short time. These did they kept the side of my toe protected from a blister forming straight away.

superdrug footcare

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Even though the products can not be changed between shoes due to the sticky back they have, they still do well. Superdrug’s really thought about costing and quality to the consumer. I feel they have put a lot of research into these. They are well worth the money and I have provided links below for them.




What do you do to prevent your blisters occurring?


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