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fuzzikins review

Crafting is great for children’s imaginations and I love doing it with my kids every weekend.



Fuzzikins Crafts are a company where children’s imaginations are left to go wild. They offer plain very well made velvet animals to colour. What will they look like at the end? well that is the joys of a child’s imagination.

Thanks to Fuzzikins crafts we have been able to try the cozy cats craft set out and this was so amazing. My son’s imagination is unbelievably big (must get that from his mum laughing). On arrival the box was bright and had a window to allow the cats to be seen before opening.

fuzzikins review

in the box – contents:
  • several coloured bits of tabbed felt for making the sleeping bags for each cat
  • 3x cats 1 large, medium and a small cat
  • a felt eye mask for each cat
  •  3 coloured felt pens (gold, silver and an orange one)
  • a lollipop stick to push tabs in on sleeping bags
  • several sticker decorations

Fuzzikins review

making them:

We emptied the box and my 4 and 7-year-old step daughters made the sleeping bags for the cats by following instructions provided. My 2-year-old son helped stick the decorations on the sleeping bags and what fun that was. The girls then coloured a cat together and my son attempted to colour one himself.

My son got so excited mummy had let him loose with some felt pens and so he took full advantage and spent ages colouring the practise cats on the box before doing his own. He didn’t want to leave anything missed out. As for the girls they both enjoyed doing one together and took pride in their colouring.

fuzzikins review


Well, we did find the pens didn’t quite colour too well on the velvet fabric cats but did find fun designing them. Also found the pen ink did get on hands when holding to colour but that is easily washable so not a big problem really. We loved the way you were given a blank cat and few bits and the designs were down to your imagination. I personally thought this was amazing for all ages and so simple to make. My kids had a good hour of fun out of this which is good because most craft sets are 5 minute wonders.


Would I recommend and buy again? I certainly would. Not only did my kids find it fun but so did I. As a family we let our imaginations go wild and really went all out with them. I was bit skeptical as to if they would be made and left at that, but no my son takes his everywhere. On the first night he even insisted they were tucked in their sleeping bags and slept by his bed. Yes it is cute I know.

Overall I think this is great fun for all ages and would make a fabulous rainy day activity for all the family. Below is a link to their Facebook page pop over have a look. They all sorts of animals not just cats so they really do cater for all. I love this product and was surprised how long it took to make and how much fun we really had.

fuzzikins review

fuzzikins Facebook


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