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naturelle cosmetics review

Natural scrubs such as this coffee one is on the increase. We all like to keep our skin looking and feeling as healthy as possible. Yet with so many products on the market it is getting harder to choose whats good and whats not.


Naturelle cosmetics is a private and family owned business which makes them special in my eyes. I love family businesses. They have a passion to offer only the best natural products going. This in turn allows them to offer be helping us to have a more purer and chemical free lifestyle when it comes to our skincare.


naturelle cosmetics review


I love trying different things and if I am honest I have never tried a coffee scrub in my life. Yes you heard right never. This opportunity was one full of skepticism and inquisitiveness.

The package was really plain yet attractive to the eye. It offered a resealable packet which meant it stayed fresh for longer and prevented moisture entering it. There was a large amount of contents enough to do my face and body a few times over. The downside to the packaging was there was no directions on how to use on it.


First thing was first get my face and body wet and i really do suggest doing this in the shower cos it gets really messy. Then scoop a bit of the granules into your hand and in a circular motion I then applied to face and body. Scrubbing in a circular motion I felt made the skin feel like it was being deeply exfoliated. On rinsing off after I had left just a few minutes, my skin was amazingly soft.

naturelle review


Well you be surprised I know I was. I found the skin had felt deeply cleaned and that as I rinsed it off my face I was cleaning away the dirt. This in turn left my skin feeling soft all night and renewed. I loved trying this product and would happily use occasionally but not on a daily basis due to amount cleaning after that you need to do.


My lasting thoughts were of happiness. I do love this product but did find the smell of cinnamon and coffee a bit strong for me. Even after rinsing off it still seemed to be there for a while after. In turn this made me a bit self-conscious. Would I use again? yes I would but just at night and on a weekly not daily basis.

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£9.95 + delivery based on weight.




*I was given this product for free in exchange for my honest and open opinion (you will always get that here)

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