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How does your child deal with their worries and other emotions?  How can you help a child feel more relaxed and comfortable at stressful times? Has The Irish Fairy Door Company found a solution?

Well at The Irish Fairy Door Company they have found what we think is a great solution. They asked us to review a worry plaque. Yes I too have never heard or seen one before either. Yet it is amazing fun.


It arrived fast and beautifully packaged. The packaging was bright and simple. The front window allowed you to really see what you are getting inside the box.


The contents of the box was of just 3 things:

  • a the Irish Fairy Door Company branded car air freshener ( which has lasted a week so far and still get odd whiff of it)
  • Also the worry plaque itself (does require 3 AA¬†batteries not supplied.)
  • Set screws and wall plugs to attach to wall.

My son and I love it after adding the 3 AA batteries which are not supplied, he couldn’t wait to try it out. There is no setup needed and is so easy to attach to the wall. After fixing to the wall and making sure it was secure my son, he then placed his hand on it. The sensor made the hand area of the plaque turn red and this was when I said to my son the fairies where taking all his worries away. He was fascinated by this and then hand area turned green once the fairies had taken all the worries away.

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Well to my surprise my son has gathered this is a great idea to use after his long day. He comes in and uses it thinking he has no worries left. I have found a change in his temperament from using it. He is becoming more settled in everyday life and started to use as a way of getting away from a situation he does not like. When he gets cross he can’t do something he has now walked off and started to go put his hand on the worry plaque and says “worries away” calms down before coming back to the situation to retry. OK for a 2-year-old this is really amazing.

I don’t think it is anything we have changed. It has been since he started to understand that the worry plaque is there for him to help him calm down.



I love it and feel this is a fabulous product that will be a massive hit with children and adults alike. It is not the typical type of product that you see on the market. Yet it really helps children understand emotions and how to deal with them I feel personally. I have supplied a link below to get it for yourself. The price maybe a bit much but to help a child to learn about how to deal with different emotions it worth every penny.




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