calpol vapour plugin review

calpol review

Sometime in every child’s life they get ill and it causes an unsettled period of time not just for the child but also the parents too. Well my son and I have had the usual winter cold and it has seemed to hit hard this year. When I got asked to review this fabulous product I had my doubts like probably many people do when trying new products. I didn’t know if it would actually help or it was just another gimmicky product bought out.

On receiving it I thought it was adequately packaged for the size of the product and came with good amount of replacement refills unlike many other products I have seen on the market. It was presented in Calpols usual baby colours and came complete with vapour and nightlight plugin and 5 refill pads. I went straight to use it that same evening.

I plugged in the nightlight and added refill pad to the plugin. At first it was bit overwhelming to use and gave off a strong menthol and chamomile scent. Yet after just half an hour the scent faded to a bearable level to place by a child’s bed. It stated the plugin would last 8 hours before the pad needed replacing and it certainly lived up to that statement. Calpol stated it will help soothe and calm a child to aid a better sleep. Well for first time in 2 weeks my son slept all night without sounding all bunged up and congested. I too also slept well a whole night no tickly cough keeping me up half the night.

Thank-you Calpol for the great sleep.  I loved the nightlight as it wasn’t too bright yet great to offer a child comfort should they wake up in night. It wasn’t like many night lights either too bright and disturbing the childs sleep or too dark and offering no comfort at all.


This product does have so many great points yet the only negative I would have is the cost of it. The initial cost is around £5 ok not bad at all.  That includes the 5 refill pads which is 5 days of use and the nightlight plugin. Yet to get replacement refills you will pay on average of £5 for 5 refills. This is technically meaning you will be paying a pound a day to run this vapour plugin.  I felt for the size of the refills and the amount they have to be replaced the cost was bit steep. I would happily have paid £3 for 5 refills but that is a personal opinion.


Overall I will be carrying on using this product whenever my son or I have a cough or cold. It does exactly what it states it will do and offers a soothing yet restful night for all.

calpol review


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